Our Story & Values

Our Story & Values

One summer evening, two women left a church bible study in the midtown area and discovered a distressed woman on the sidewalk. She was abused, high and had no where to go. Together, the three of them looked for a safe place for help and a fresh start but found nothing that night. That encounter was the catalyst for continued involvement with homeless and transient women. The vision for a safe place for women to get off the streets has been taking shape over several years and has become Sisters of Solace. We are advocates of hope and healing for women in crisis. At our home, we value

  • A commitment to justice and dignity
  • A peaceful climate
  • Grace-filled relationships



Is the SOS House open?2019-11-07T21:49:49-06:00

Not yet. We’re currently remodeling our home and raising the remaining financial support we need to pay our part time staff. We’re hoping to open our doors soon after Thanksgiving 2019.

Who can stay at the SOS House?2019-11-07T21:50:28-06:00

SOS House offers eight bedrooms to homeless women who have run out of options for a safe place to stay. Homeless women who are willing and able to tackle the barriers that prevent them from remaining housed are welcome to stay with us and develop a plan for living a better story.

How do women find out about your home?2019-11-07T21:52:07-06:00

There is no need to advertise about our services in the community; we’re already overwhelmed with calls from desperate fragile women who have no where to turn. Local social service agencies will be able to contact SOS to make referrals.

How long can women stay?2019-11-07T21:55:11-06:00

The women at SOS House can keep their rooms as long as they are actively participating in their plans to transition to a greater level of health and stability. Additionally, they will be required to live peacefully and respectfully with staff, volunteers and other women in the house. It will be the responsibility of the women staying in the house to keep it neat and clean.

What services do you provide?2019-11-07T21:53:04-06:00

In addition to housing, food and basic supplies, SOS House also provides a full time care coordinator who will understand our residents’ stories along their strengths and barriers. Our coordinator will then develop a plan for each woman to access community services to address and overcome life challenges.

Are visitors allowed?2019-11-07T21:53:50-06:00

Only our community partners and approved volunteers will be allowed to visit.

Are pets or service animals allowed?2019-11-07T21:54:12-06:00


Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

Stacy Kerns

Executive Director

Elishia Carrillo

Board Chair

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