Our Story & Values

Our Story & Values

Sisters of Solace is a ministry that offers hospitality and a sacred space for women to heal from trauma and addiction. The model for our community is very simple. We’re here to offer compassion for healing and opportunities to lead a financially independent life. We also recognize that simple doesn’t mean easy. Healing takes time, intentionality and hard work. Sisters in our home get as much out of their stay with us at they’re willing to put in. In our home, the sisters can expect support and guidance for setting goals and charting a course for achieving them. Our Advocates help remove barriers and provide access to the support and resources for the journey ahead. While we have a method that is designed to bring healing, life skills and employment, we’re also intentional about our relationships. We are fully present in each sister’s story and care for her deeply on her personal journey to healing. This means that every path will be unique. In addition to healing of body, mind and spirit our home places a strong emphasis on employment. We’re all created with gifts and talents to offer the world so believe that employment goes a long way to restoring dignity. For this reason, we’ve become a mission with a business that offers employment within our home. Our sisters learn to work together, make something beautiful and earn a paycheck.



Is the SOS House open?2021-02-10T11:29:19-06:00

We opened our doors on March 2, 2020. We’ve not only survived a rather disorienting first year, but have thrived and developed a comprehensive approach to healing and economic freedom for the women who find their way home.

Who can stay at the SOS House?2021-02-10T11:32:02-06:00

Our eight bedroom house is open to women survivors of trauma and addiction who have no place to call home and are willing to do the hard work of pursuing healing.

How do women find out about your home?2021-02-10T11:35:17-06:00

Call our home directly at 816.259.2316. Download the application here.

How long can women stay?2021-02-10T11:37:23-06:00

Our program requires a one year commitment but our sisters can stay up to 2 years while they continue to heal and build a foundation for self-sufficiency upon graduation. We offer our graduates a dollar-for-dollar matched savings program up to $1000 which can be applied to housing, education or the purchase of a vehicle.

What services do you provide?2019-11-07T21:53:04-06:00

In addition to housing, food and basic supplies, SOS House also provides a full time care coordinator who will understand our residents’ stories along their strengths and barriers. Our coordinator will then develop a plan for each woman to access community services to address and overcome life challenges.

Are visitors allowed?2019-11-07T21:53:50-06:00

Only our community partners and approved volunteers will be allowed to visit.

Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

Stacy Kerns

Executive Director

Elishia Carrillo

Board Chair

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